What Can I Do for Stretch Marks

What Can I Do for Stretch Marks

What Can I Do for Stretch Marks?

Lines on the skin that show up after weight gain, rapid growth, and hormonal changes are medically termed as striae distensae or simply stretch marks to laymen. After pregnancy, body-building, or puberty, stretch marks start to appear specifically among individuals who do not tone muscles (to become firm) after sudden weight loss.

How Stretch Marks Came Into Being

Often attributed to pregnancy, stretch marks can occur on any part of the skin. When skin is stretched for a long period of time and suddenly shrinks down in size, the epidermis is unpleasantly torn. In severe cases, the tear reaches deep down the underlying dermis (second layer of the skin). Typically, stretch marks lighten up after two years, but for most people that would be too long a wait, so they end up resorting to other quicker ways of managing the condition.

There’s Still Hope for Stretch Marks

Unsightly as they may appear, the best thing about stretch marks is that you can do something to manage them.

Wealthy people often prefer to undergo surgery for a quick, safe, and efficient way of erasing stretch marks permanently. Common surgical stretch mark treatments include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, or laser, which can greatly help especially if marks are relatively new.

Alternatively, people who are on a tight budget can opt for cheaper methods such as cream applications, proper exercise and healthy diet. Marks can fade away gradually if people would eat healthy diets and do proper exercise that can both promote growth of new and healthy skin tissues. Home remedies and over-the counter creams are also widely available at cheaper-than-surgery costs, which can be applied topically into the skin everyday to lighten the marks.

Since the skin is an important aesthetic and confidence-boosting feature, it should be well taken cared of. Needless to say, people who want to eliminate ugly and embarrassing stretch marks should seek professional help before applying anything into the skin or undergoing surgery to avoid further skin damage.

Affordable Means of Managing Stretch Marks

People who suffer the stigma of stretch marks, but do not have the money to fund expensive surgeries need not worry too much. When stretch marks appear, non-surgical methods of removing or simply hiding it are now easily accessible.

Tip #1: Pamper the Skin

Several oils and creams that contain substances (e.g. cocoa butter, hydroxyl acid, vitamin E, plant extracts) that help eliminate stretch marks are sold worldwide. Even though some product prices may be costly and degree of effectiveness can vary from person to person, safety is guaranteed (provided that product is purchased from reputable manufacturers).

Tip #2: Seek Medical Treatment

Doctors often suggest medications for stubborn stretch marks. Retinoid creams or certain steroids (used in combination with other ointments and creams) may be prescribed for topical application to fade away or remove marks.

Tip #3: Know Underlying Cause

People who have grown past puberty, who have not undergone body-building activities, and who have never been pregnant might wonder why stretch marks continue to appear on their skin’s surface. Stretch marks are also attributed to certain medical condition (e.g. prolonged use of oral or topical corticosteroids, Marfan and Cushing syndromes). In such cases, treating or managing the symptoms of the underlying cause is the ultimate goal (this eventually decreases the risk of developing stretch marks).

Tip #4: When All Else Fails, Try Covering Up

If you can do nothing more to naturally treat your stretch marks, cover up! To hide unsightly stretch marks that often appear around the upper arms, hips, thighs, and breast areas, don clothing that can conceal the lines.

During summer, feel free to flaunt your sexy body despite having stretch marks by wearing swim skirts, surf shirts, and board shorts to cover up fine, unattractive lines. Remember not to expose your skin excessively under the sun to prevent emphasizing stretch mark lines when the skin gets burned.

Body cosmetics and sunless tanning lotions can also help conceal stretch marks when necessary. Dusting some foundation make up over marks can somehow deceive the eyes of onlookers. Certain lotions also have light-refracting properties, which can make marks appear shallower.


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