What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil on the Skin

What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil on the Skin

What Are the Benefits of Argan Oil on the Skin?

Due to the popularity of argan oil, there are now more and more people all around the globe who are using argan oil on the skin. This type of oil is ideal for rashes, bug bites, and even some infections. Some people may be wondering as to why argan oil is so beneficial. The reason behind this is because of the contents that it has. It is rich in Vitamin E and vitamin A. It is packed with Omega six, antioxidants, and the linoleic acid. If you are one of the many that are wondering on what are the benefits of argan oil on the skin, then reading the information below will definitely educate you.


One of the benefits of argan oil on the skin is it helps to moisturize the skin by acting as a moisturizer. Every single night, once you are done cleaning your skin, it is best to apply argan oil on your skin. You can use just one drop of the oil and apply it generously on your skin. This is beneficial most especially during winter months since the season can make the skin dry. You can apply this both on your body and your face, just make sure not to put any on your eyes. The Vitamin E and Vitamin A that the argan oil has can lessen the appearance of wrinkles and lines.


You can also use argan oil as a toner. Mix water where you boiled a tea bag and put one or two drops of argan oil in it. Let it cool down a little before applying it on your skin. You can store it in a bottle or a jar if needed so you can use it everyday. You can also add some other oil if you want to, such as tea tree, lemon, or even orange to make it smell more pleasant.


Yes, you can definitely add argan oil to your exfoliating cream if you want to, or better yet, create your own exfoliating cream. To create your own, all you need to have is a tablespoon of sugar that is brown and one to two drops of argan oil. Once done, you can start exfoliating your face and make sure to exfoliate the areas where acnes are always appearing. You can also use this to exfoliate your entire body and make sure to use it on your elbows and even on your heels. This will surely help you to remove the dead skin cells and the dryness of your skin.

Stretch Marks

Another benefit that argan oil can bring you is that it can prevent the stretch marks from appearing on your skin. You can warm two to three drop of argan oil and once done, you can start rubbing the oil on your thighs, hips, and stomach or any areas where stretch marks can appear. The Vitamin E and Vitamin A of the oil will help the skin to be rejuvenated, which will then make the appearance of stretch marks to be avoided.

Now if you already have stretch marks on your body, you can use a mixture of sugar and argan oil. Rub the mixture on your body where the stretch marks are located as this will help lessen the visibility of these stretch marks on your skin.

Above are the amazing benefits of argan oil that you can use on your skin. It may be a little pricey, but it sure does help in keeping your skin healthy and free from marks. Start using argan oil to experience its wonderful benefits.


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