Trilastin-SR Review

Trilastin-SR Review

Trilastin-SR Stretch Mark Treatment Product Review

Stretch marks are common issues not only for women who had given birth but also to those people who gained significant amount of weight rapidly, people who experienced growth spurts, and even bodybuilders. A lot of people become really insecure because of the stretch marks. Stretch marks do not only affect a person’s physical appearance but it can also affect a person’s self confidence and self esteem especially for women and men who are conscious with their looks and appearance.

One way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks is to use some topical products offered in the market. However, so many products are available and being promoted by so many companies but only few can really provide good results. To determine the right product to use for your stretch marks, here is a product review of the one of the most talked about anti stretched marks products in the country today – the Trilastin-SR intensive stretch mark treatment product.

Trilastin-SR – EC Research Company

Trilastin-SR intensive stretch mark treatment product is a revolutionary skincare product produced and distributed by one of the leading cosmetics and skincare companies in the country. Aside from the popular and in demand Trilastin-SR product, this ‘cosmeceutical company’ also developed other revolutionary skincare products such as anti-aging solutions, and stretch mark prevention creams.

The company believes that women can achieve true beauty when they feel beautiful and confident with their own appearance and skin. However, some imperfections like stretch marks are sometimes inevitable due to various circumstances like growth spurts, or giving birth. Because of this, EC Research Company formulated and produced the Trilastin-SR product to give women an effective stretch mark reducing product made of safe and natural ingredients. Aside from the main ingredient, that minimizes stretch marks, other great ingredients are also added to provide maximum care to the skin such as antioxidants and proteins.

Trilastin-SR Review

How Trilastin Reduces Stretch Marks in as Little as Three Weeks?

Our skin has an amazing ability to heal and rejuvenate because of the natural components present in the skin that promotes faster healing such as collagen and elastin. However, at some point, the skin cannot properly repair tears in the skin due to lack of some of these essential elements and also due to excessive changes in the skin. This lack of collagen and elastin leads to scarring and stretch marks especially for pregnant women and bodybuilders.

Trilastin-SR is specially formulated to provide the skin the elements it needs to increase its healing abilities. All ingredients are clinically tested and proven to be safe for the skin even for pregnant women who want to already apply the product while pregnant to prevent the appearance of stretch marks early on.

Aside from the effective and safe active ingredients, Trilastin-SR is also composed with other active natural ingredients that improve and fasten the effects of main ingredients such as soluble Vitamin C, Vitamin E, essential amino acids from soy protein, licorice extracts, corn extracts which activates the healing system of the skin, and antioxidants. All these active and natural ingredients work together in order to provide the best and fastest results to consumers.

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What are the Positive and Negative Features of this Product?


  • Popular celebrities like Tyra Banks already featured the product on their shows proving the legitimacy and efficacy of the product promoted by the EC Research Company.
  • Product price is affordable and reasonably priced plus consumers can order the products with free shipping free when they purchase more than $90 worth of products.
  • The products come with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee allowing consumers to return the products and get a full refund if they are not satisfied with the products and the results it provide.
  • A lot of pregnant women already used the product and proven its safety when used by pregnant women.
  • Trilastin-SR is also effective and safe for all skin types and skin colors.
  • Consumers can subscribe for auto replenishment and get great discounts from this service.


  • The free shipping promotion is only offered for consumers in the US market area.
  • The product needs to be applied twice every day which may be time-consuming for some.
  • Because of the amount that needs to be applied and the frequency of application, one bottle may only last for a month or less especially if the affected area that needs to be treated is very wide.

Trilastin-SR Intensive Stretch Mark Complex – The Final Verdict

If you have not used the product yet, the best way for you to find out about the product and if it really works is through the testimonials or reviews provided by other consumers and experts. When it comes to reviews and recommendations, this product definitely tops the list. A lot of consumers already proven the efficacy of the product and the fast way it can provide positive results. Money-wise, this product is also not hard to take a risk on since it is more affordable than other well-known skincare brands.

Trilastin-SR Review


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