TeloYears Review

TeloYears Review

TeloYears: The Key for a Longer Youth

If you want to stay youthful longer, it is not only your physical health you need to take care of but also your telomeres – these are your DNA strands protective caps that shortens as you age, but it also changes depending on how good or bad your lifestyle is. Your lifestyle also plays a huge role on the health of your telomeres, including on these lifestyle factors are sleep quality, chemical intake, nutrition, exercise, chronic stress and even stressful relationships.

TeloYears is there to help you discover the existing age of your cells and let you know what to do, to make it better and improve.

How Does the Process Work?

Using the TeloYears test kit, from your finger, collect just few drops of blood and mail the kit back to them. You do not need to go elsewhere, as you can collect your blood right at the comfort of your home, by pricking your finger with a clean needle.

After receiving the kit, they will analyse your DNA and measure the telomere length of your cells. Once they have accomplished all these, they will send you results & blueprint where you can check on the report of the existing age of your cells. The blueprint is used to improve the result and give you self assessment basing on telomere science.

You will be given the option to be contacted by a TeloCoach. It is highly recommended that you do, since what they will provide you is support and advice from certified experts. They will let you understand the result of the test and help you customizing a plan that can help you get better and improve yourself.

Creating a personalized action plan is necessary. You will receive sets of suggestions and recommendations that can help you improve your overall lifestyle, telomere health and vitality. All these you can use, to turn you to a better version of yourself.

TeloYears Review

Getting More from Your TeloYears

If you want to get a lot more from their DNA result, you can upgrade to their newest offering, TeloYears plus their advanced ancestry services. This is the world’s first generation sequencing based ancestry test, meaning, what you will get is a pie chart report with resilient ethnic groups.

This is also the first of its kind that provides in depth ancestry assessment for East Asian. This is indeed the best way you can get the complete and detailed story of your entire being.

What You Need to Know About Telomeres

Every cell of your body has telomeres inside it, the protective caps at the end of DNA strands get shorter as you age and it may decrease or increase with different lifestyle factors, either good or bad. The length of your telomere equates to the vitality of cells.

The telomere length is an essential measure of the cell’s capacity to make copies of itself, an important factor for you to heal, thrive and grow. The age in the cells in TeloYears is dependent on the telomere length.

TeloYears Review

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The Pros and Cons of TeloYears


Why would you want to get TeloYears? There are so many reasons why:

  • You do not need to go to the hospital and have your telomeres tested, as this you can do right at the comfort of your home.
  • They do it as private as possible, giving one with privacy. Reports will be sent to any mediums you want.
  • Knowing the age of your telomere can help you change your lifestyle, if necessary, so you can enjoy a longer youthful you.
  • You can extend your package to knowing your ancestry. Knowing your whole being is always interesting and worthy to know.
  • You have the opportunity to speak with a professional that can help you create a plan to improve the length of your telomere.


There are no much cons to say about the product, yet to give you some pointers to consider, check on the below:

  • This is not used for the purpose of identifying sicknesses and treating them.
  • This should not be used as a basis to treat any medical conditions.
  • It is not approved and cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • This is only for people ages 20 to 80, this is not applicable to anyone ages below or beyond that.


It is not all the time you have to focus on what you see to look and feel young, knowing the status of the length of your telomere is necessary can help you achieve a longer, youthful version of yourself. Considering TeloYears can help you know what you need to do, to improve your life.

It is also recommended that you consider maximizing this service by knowing your ancestry. Knowing your whole being is always exciting and interesting.

TeloYears Review


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