Skinception Review

Skinception Review

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy Review

Being pregnant and having a baby is one of the most joyful moments especially to the mother. However, pregnancy can also bring some not-so-desirable results like stretch marks. Aside from pregnancy other factors that can also cause this undesirable and embarrassing skin imperfection are drastic weight loss, adolescence, and skin conditions. Whatever the cause of stretch marks, this problem can be effectively removed and prevented through an effective product for stretch mark removal. One of the well-known brands when it comes to stretch mark removal is the Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy. To know more about this product, here is an intensive product review.

Skinception for Stretch Mark Removal and Prevention Cream

Skinception is one of the leading companies known to produce and manufacture different types of skincare products for various skin issues. The company has gained good reputation and credibility due to their anti-aging products that provide the most effective results in the safest way. One of the revolutionary products manufactured by Skinception was their Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy. This anti stretch mark therapy cream helps reduce stretch marks and also prevent it before they happen in various parts of the body. Aside from their in demand stretch mark treatment product, Skinception is also popular for their skin lightening products, treatment product for Rosacea, scar reduction product, facial exfoliator, and other anti-aging products.

Skinception Review

How Skinception Gets Rid and Prevents Stretch Marks?

Skinception Intensive Stretch Mark Therapy is an advanced skincare product scientifically formulated using safe active ingredients to effectively remove unsightly stretch marks in various parts of the body. For women, stretch mark is very common in the stomach and breasts especially those who just gave birth. However, these are not the only parts where stretch marks can appear. Stretch marks can also appear in buttock, thighs, and upper arms.

One of the revolutionary features of Skinception’s stretch mark removal and prevention cream is that it addresses the main root or cause of stretch marks – which is the production of glucocorticoids. This hormone is not very good for the skin because it prevents the production of collagen and elastin. It is a common knowledge that stretch marks appear when the skin lacks collagen and elastin – two essential elements in the skin responsible for making the skin beautiful, smooth, and younger looking. When the skin lacks collagen and elastin, the skin will become stressed and prone to skin damages like stretch marks.

Skinception – The Active Ingredients

When looking for an effective and safe product, one of the important factors to look for in a product is the ingredients. The ingredients will determine if the product is indeed effective and safe to use especially for a very delicate body organ like the skin. Skinception stretch mark removal cream is composed of dermaceutical ingredients carefully selected and formulated to provide the most effective and safe skincare product for consumers.

The main function of the active ingredients is to increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin in order to bring back the balance in the dermal matrix and to hasten the rehabilitation process in the skin, a very important process for removing stretch marks.

The four main active ingredients in Skinception are Regestril, Darutoside, Pro-Sveltyl, and Pro-Coll-One+. These ingredients work together in order to bring the best results for the skin. Regestril has been clinically proven to effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks especially for women who have acquired stretch marks due to pregnancy. Darutoside is the main ingredient responsible for promoting tissue renewal and healing process in the skin. It is responsible for the prevention of stretch marks because of its cellular matrix regeneration properties that makes skin more durable and stretchable. It has also anti-inflammatory properties making it safe and healthy for the skin.

Skinception Review

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Positive and Negative Aspects of the Product

Positive Points

  • The ingredients used in the products were already proven and clinically tested.
  • Users can expect positive results in as short as 4 weeks.
  • Do not only work as a treatment product but it also effectively prevents stretch marks by improving the elasticity and overall condition of the skin.
  • Absolutely no harsh chemicals used in the product.
  • The company offers 100% money back guarantee within 90 days if consumers are not satisfied with the product.

Negative Points

  • Results may vary from consumer to consumer so although the company claims to provide great results within 4 weeks, some consumers may require more days or weeks before they can see good results.
  • The product is only offered and available online.

The Verdict

Skinception has already established their reputation and brand in the market making them one of the most reputable and credible companies today. If you want a safe and effective product that can remove stretch marks and also prevent it from appearing, then this product will be a good choice with its proven active ingredients. The company even guarantees refund on product return so the company is absolutely confident with the product.

Skinception Review


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