Silk’n Flash & Go Review

Silk’n Flash & Go Review

An Extensive Review for Silk’n Flash & Go

Permanent hair removal has become a popular way to treat unwanted hair. There are different hair removal products out there and one of them is the Silk’n Flash & Go All-Over Hair Removal Handheld Device. This device will help you remove hair in areas that you want to remain smooth. The good thing about this is that you can ensure that the unwanted hair would never grow back, unlike when using common hair removal methods such as shaving and plucking. Moreover, the use of Silk’n Flash & Go device does not involve any chemicals or surgeries. To give you a much better overview of the device, here is a review of Silk’n Flash & Go. This includes information on the device’s qualities, features, advantages and disadvantages, among others.

More About Silk’n Flash & Go

With its innovative and modern light-based technology, Silk’n Flash & Go can permanently remove hair on both the face and the body. What is better is that it allows the user to target an area to treat. Its result is very similar to what is achieved in professional hair removal clinics. The difference is that Silk’n Flash & Go can be used in the comforts of your own home. It is very convenient and easy to use and you no longer have to visit clinics to get a hair removal treatment. You can already do it by yourself so long as you strictly follow the instructions.

The Way it Works

Silk’n Flash & Go is equipped with a laser technology that emits light and energy levels that thwart hair growth on certain areas. Its lowest energy level is set to release 50 pulses, which are appropriate for the first session. It is advisable to use the device at the lowest level during the initial treatment before increasing it. In order to increase the energy levels, you will have to simultaneously press and hold the “+” and “-“buttons. Two consecutive “beep” sounds will be heard when the level is properly adjusted. Increasing the levels should be done progressively in order to get the best result. Remember that the device does not work its magic after a single treatment. You will have to continue using it for weeks before seeing any signs of improvement.

The device has to be plugged into the wall, as it does not run on batteries. This is a good thing because battery-operated hair removal devices might suddenly die down in the middle of the treatment. Plugging it assures you of continuous and uninterrupted use.

Silk’n Flash & Go is very useful for removing hair on sensitive areas, including the bikini line and the upper lip. It works on facial hair too and you do not have to worry about accidentally sending light to your eyes because it only emits a pulse during skin contact. Remember though that it is recommended to be used below the cheekbones only.

Silk’n Flash & Go Review

Key Features

Skin Color Sensor – As a precaution, the device has a built-in skin color sensor to ensure that it only works on a suitable skin type. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is not advisable for really dark and tanned skin because it can lead to blisters, burns and other adverse effects. Given this, a skin color sensor was installed in Silk’n Flash & Go to prevent users from using it on the wrong skin type. If your skin is too dark and tanned, the device will release a warning light and would not work on you. Another thing to remember is to do the treatment in a room with moderate lighting because lighting can cause shadows that might make your skin appear darker than it really is. If this happens, the device would not work on you too.

Lamp Cartridge – The device’s lamp cartridge can emit a maximum of 1,000 pulses, enough to treat your entire body once or multiple times on certain areas. It has a control panel that can show how much pulse you have already used. You can replace the cartridge once you reached the limit.

Instructional DVD – This is very important as it will tell you the proper way to use the device. Bear in mind that you have to understand how the device works so that you can get the best results, as well as avoid adverse effects.

Silk’n Flash & Go Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Silk’n Flash & Go


  • Good for sensitive, smaller and targeted areas.
  • Provide quick and better results.
  • Cost-effective, convenient to use, and handy.


  • Can cause burns, blisters and other adverse effects if not used properly.
  • Few reports of minor side-effects such as redness and slight swelling, which also subside after a while.
  • Not yet available in Australia and New Zealand.

Why You Need it

Unwanted hair can be a real trouble. It can affect the way you feel about yourself, as it might embarrass or make you ashamed. Though you can shave, pluck or use other temporary methods, you will still have the same problem because the hair will simply grow back. But with a laser hair removal device like this, you will have a chance to get rid of unwanted hair forever. All you have to do is follow the instructions carefully to achieve the best result.

Silk’n Flash & Go Review


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