Scentbird Review

Scentbird Review

All About Scentbird Product

Scentbird is one of the best New York-based products that are completely independent compared with any perfume retailer. In fact, Scentbird product promises and gives 100% genuine fragrances. This product is a reasonable option for anyone who’s looking from different department stores and aim to purchase different fragrances or colognes.

Scentbird has a fragrance subscription service that will send any customers a monthly supply of the fragrance with any of your choice every thirty days in exchange for a $15 subscription fee every month. With variety of scents in the world, there are latest scents to explore from, but Scentbird industry has a lot to offer.

In addition to, Scentbird is considered as an independent fragrance manufacturer that offers genuine scent made from authentic brands. You can acquire 1 mini bottle of a scent every month to try, with one refillable carrying case with your first order and that piece promises to last for 1 whole month.

Scentbird – The Pricing

Generally, Scentbird varies from $14.95 every month both for men and women. Once you buy, and you don’t want it, you can cancel it anytime. There is no additional shipping charge to be paid. After you have paid that fee, you’ll receive a refillable case with your first order and it looks like a tube of lipstick. Then after that, you’ll have a vibrant plastic, travel-size spray bottle for every month.

You can place your new scent in that refillable case for protection. If you just want to have a scent discretely from the subscription, then you can make it, as well. This fragrance varies from $16.95 every month. If you want to save your money with your perfume subscription, then you can also pay for 6-12 months period openly, in which case specific pricing breaks down stated below:

For 12 months, around $164 or ($13.50 per month), and for 6 months: $84 or ($14 per month), there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing a woman’s fragrance as a man and vice versa. Please feel free to try and choose any of the 450 various fragrances listed on their official website.

Scentbird Review

How Does Scentbird Product Works?

Using Scentbird product is forthright. From here, you will identify how the subscription service works: First, start with your payment and decide to pay $14.95 every month (inclusive shipping fee). Then, you can cancel anytime. Second, you can select your scent from the entire collection of 450+ niche and designer’s scents.

Next, you can acquire a monthly supply with one fragrance. Every monthly supply approximates 0.27 ounces or (8mL) which comes in a travel-friendly bottle and take note that your first order comes with a free reusable case. Lastly, your product will be delivered to your door for every purchase monthly.

I think this kind of fragrance is really what you want, right? Scentbird truly has a system to assist you to choose more effortlessly. It promises to support anyone to find your dream perfume. Scentbird provides customers three various ways to receive scent: gift boxes, membership, and full-size bottles.

Scentbird – How the Individual Bottles Works?

Scentbird also trades full-size bottles of scent and provides members to give a single month’s credit towards the actual product price, with a $14.95 discount. Take note that a full-size bottle with a large size varies with a single cartridge price for $16.95. Shipping on an individual costs $7 flat-rate for every order $49 or less.

If the order is more than $50, a full-size perfume bottle (without cartridges) can be reverted for a store credit for only 15 days of purchase and cash refunded will be made. Additionally, customers are accountable for any charge of return shipping. Scentbird provides social media users and bloggers a commission of $7 for every time their readers click a link to buy.

Scentbird Review

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Scentbird – Pros and Cons


Scentbird is considered as one of the finest possible choices for those people who are looking for a signature perfume. Samples are not enough to test suitably a perfume, but using it a month will surely leave a great impact.

  • Members and website visitors can appreciate 12 sorts of perfumes with reasonable price in a full-size bottle, and they don’t even need to wait an entire year to acquire them.
  • Small bottles are obtainable for order anytime.
  • No any received complaints regarding these products.
  • The customer service is very approachable.


  • Small-sized bottles can’t be refunded or exchanged, and that might cause any trouble and difficulty with some of the customers.

Scentbird – The Final Verdict

Scentbird perfume is a worth it product, which tried by any perfume lover. It gives original scents both for men and women, with very reasonable prices. It’s predominantly helpful for anyone who’s looking for any signature perfume, and since it has almost no disadvantages, and I would positively recommend it.

Scentbird Review


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