NewBeauty TestTube Review

NewBeauty TestTube Review

NewBeauty TestTube – A Thorough Review

NewBeauty TestTube is a tube filled with exclusive and full-size beauty products such as hair care, makeup, and skin care. For those of you who are not familiar with NewBeauty TestTube, it’s a luxe beauty sampling scheme that delivers some of the finest cosmetic and skin products in the market! Compare with Ipsy and Birchbox, this beauty program provides more of the high-end brands, and even consist of complete samples that could sometimes pricey anywhere from $50 plus if purchased at retail.

NewBeauty TestTube – Specific Product Details

NewBeauty TestTube specifically costs $29.95 plus the shipping fee worth $8.95 for a total of $38.90 every box. NewBeauty TestTube exists once every other month, so you would be receiving 6 tubes every year instead of 12 tubes. Every box includes the TestTube, which is filled with full-size products and beauty samples.

In addition to, it also includes a detailed informational booklet about the products. The subscriber will be automatically be given a subscription to NewBeauty magazine once you have started to subscribe to the NewBeauty TestTube. The magazine is delivered individually from the TestTube, four times a year.

What is in the NewBeauty TestTube Package?

It includes John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz – Immunity Conditioner (1.5 oz Value $1), John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz – Immunity Shampoo (1.5 oz Value $1), and John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Frizz – Immunity Primer (1.5 oz Value $1), Smiles Active Original Pen ($25), and Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Day Cream SPF 15 (.5 oz Value $6).

Also, the package also includes John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day Volume in Shower Treatment (1 oz or Value $2.25), Key West Aloe Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser (1 oz or Value $2.75), Mechanical Eye Pencil in Charming Champagne ($14), Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick in Mally’s Look ($20), and TanTowel Classic 5 Towelettes ($13.50).

NewBeauty TestTube Review

Facts About NewBeauty TestTube Package

Looking closer at this package, it really doesn’t seem like an out failure of a tube for someone or for any user who is new to this beauty product, or either even new to NewBeauty TestTube. Considering the fact that you can get 5 samples in a Glossybox and pay $20 per month, and spending $39 for this product seems right.

Furthermore, I can say that this is a beautiful range of products to a newbie in the sampling world. Apart from that, NewBeauty TestTube had its values more than $200 in the past. They used to incorporate high-end brands like Moroccan Oil and Tarte. They have promoted themselves as a way to seek new and exciting high-end products.

Recently, I have noticed that throwing immeasurable products are imposed. It would be much acceptable if there were more full-compacted products or it should have an improved retail value in general, but I have to say that: after a series of review, it feels like I don’t want to miss out anything.

However, considering these products are the “first” beauty subscription, I’m really sad to see them pretty much give up on giving the purchaser with a valuable and exciting experience. Instead, they put in small drugstore samples and numerous repeat and leftover products. It is certainly not worth enough the $39 per month, in my own opinion.

NewBeauty TestTube Review

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NewBeauty TestTube – The Pros and Cons


  • The good thing is that the products are genuinely interesting, qualitative, and in decent sizes.


  • It’s also costly at nearly $40 including the shipping fee. Of course, for some consumers that is quite expensive for a box of beauty products.

NewBeauty TestTube – Final Verdict

The box has a retail value of $87.50. Though the retail value is quite expensive, NewBeauty TestTube includes recurred items or brands frequently, and it is more interesting in seeking latest products than stocking up on repeats. This subscription seems to be suitable to latest or short-term subscribers.

I think the TestTube is ideal for beauty junkies, but particularly for women who don’t have an enough time to shop for beauty product or overview to read the pages about the product. Getting the tube sent right to their door eliminates the hassle when shopping new beauty products! I can say that NewBeauty TestTube could be perfectly yours if you’re totally looking for exclusive cosmetics.

Another huge thing about NewBeauty TestTube is that they offer a big booklet filled with tons of information about every product included that month. Not only that you obtain information about the brand, but you can find exact details on the product as well as, tricks and tips to use it properly! In fact, it’s a really useful, little handbook.

NewBeauty TestTube Review


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