Murad Resurgence Review

Murad Resurgence Review

Murad Resurgence Introductory Kit Product Review

Having a beautiful, young looking skin is every woman’s dream. To achieve a beautiful, youthful skin, proper diet, exercise, healthy lifestyle, and proper skin care regimen is needed. However, due to aging, some women may experience the unattractive signs of skin aging especially on the face. Symptoms of skin aging like wrinkles and dry skin are some of the most hated and feared aging symptoms by most women.

To delay these aging symptoms and to promote healthier skin condition, utilizing the best skin care products effective in combating the effects of aging is needed. To find the best skin care product, you should first fully understand what the product is, what it does, its ingredients, and the reviews made by other users to determine the efficacy and safety of the product. When it comes to anti-aging skin care products, one of the popular brands in the market today is the Murad Resurgence anti-aging products.

Murad Resurgence by Dr. Howard Murad

The Resurgence anti aging products are developed and formulated by one of the best dermatologists in the country today, Dr. Howard Murad. Holding about 18 patents in dermatology, Dr. Murad is a certified dermatologists and pharmacist, and member of the American Academy Dermatology or FAAD.

Dr. Howard Murad had dedicated years of research and study developing various skincare products that would make skin more beautiful, healthy and young looking. He wrote a lot of books about health and aging, and already received a lot of major awards such as The World’s Top Dermatologist awarded by Times of London in 2006, Elle Genius Award Skin Expertise in 2009, and the ISPA Visionary Award.

Murad Resurgence Review

Resurgence Introductory Kit Product Details

If you want to try the product first to determine its efficacy without spending too much on something you are not sure with, then you should get the introductory kit. The Murad Resurgence Introductory Kits come with three Resurgence products specifically formulated for an overall skincare system.

When you buy the Murad Resurgence Introductory Kit, you will get three items including the 1.5 ounces Renewing Cleansing Cream, the Age Diffusing Serum that is 0.33 ounces, and the Age-Balancing Night Cream that is 0.5 ounces.

How the Skincare System Works?

The major function of the Murad Resurgence skincare products is to combat the decreasing collagen in the skin causing loose, saggy skin, which is the effect of hormonal aging. The three products in the Resurgence Introductory Kit provide a complete skincare system that combat loss of collagen in the skin.

The Renewing Cleansing Cream cleanses and tones the skin to remove external elements like bacteria that can damage the skin. Its ‘pearlized’, moisturizing formulation exfoliates the skin to restore the skin’s radiance and maintain the natural moisture barrier of the skin to effectively lock in moisture.

The Age-Diffusing Serum is formulated in order to repair and treat the skin to prevent common skin aging like wrinkles. The Serum contains active ingredients that are proven to improve the elasticity of the skin and promote production of collagen resulting to a well-moisturized, firmer, young-looking skin. This product contains AHAs, Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4, and Phytoestrogens.

The Age Balancing Night Cream is the one that hydrates and protects the skin from breakouts by keeping the pores tight and clean. The Night Cream is formulated to restore the suppleness of the skin and enhance cell regeneration at night to improve the texture and appearance of the skin. The Resurgence Night Cream also helps in reducing appearance of wrinkles through effective hydration using essential fatty acids. This product contains Shea Butter, essential fatty acids, soybean sterols, and wild yam extracts.

Murad Resurgence Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Murad Resurgence Introductory Kit


  • Consumers can try the product for an affordable price before buying the regular size.
  • Orders from the site come with automatic free membership to the resurgence program to avail lots of promos offered by the company.
  • Free gifts are given to consumers for every purchase such as the Renewing Eye Cream and Dr. Murad’s Skin Health Guide.
  • Lots of consumers already provided positive feedbacks and reviews about Murad Resurgence Skincare products.
  • The products are not greasy and are easy to apply.
  • Great for all skin types and also suitable for sensitive skin.


  • The only significant bad review about the product is its smell. Some consumers comment that the products’ odor is not that good or enticing.

Murad Resurgence – The Final Verdict

Murad Resurgence anti-aging products are some of the most widely used skincare products in the world today. The best part about the introductory kit is that it provides the option for consumers to try the products first without the need to spend so much money on large items. The products are also concentrated so you only need to use little amount and the products can last for months with appropriate use. If you want to effectively fight hormonal skin aging, then the Murad Resurgence Introductory Kit will be a good product to try.

Murad Resurgence Review


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