How to Safely Remove Skin Tags at Home

How to Safely Remove Skin Tags at Home

How to Safely Remove Skin Tags at Home?

Skin tags are unattractive, however from time to time destructive. Numerous individuals think a visit to a dermatologist is important to get rid of these tags, yet they can easily be removed at home. Otherwise called acrochordons, papillomas, delicate fibromas and fibroepithelial polyps, they are benevolent developments of skin that look like little skin-hued raisins hanging off of the body. They generally show up around the nose, cheeks, neck, eyelids, armpits, crotch zone and upper mid-section territory. Getting rid of these annoying skin tags even at home is exceptionally conceivable by utilizing one or more basic home cures.

Castor Oil Cure

Consider utilizing castor oil to get rid of your skin tag at home. To do this, you’ll have to make an ointment by using a few grams of baking powder and mix it with your castor oil until the blend has the consistency of a glue. Apply the glue to the tag being referred to no less than three times every day for a few weeks. The ointment you’ve made ought to serve to effectively kill the skin tag. It will eventually fall off after a few days of using this type of remedy.


A marginally more agonizing at the end of the day less demanding and snappier home solution for a skin tag: just cut it off. Ice the zone for around 10 minutes first with a specific end goal to numb the skin. You can utilize scissors or a surgical blade to do the methodology. Whatever you decided to use, ensure it is legitimately cleaned either with alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or an open fire. Utilize the scissors (or the surgical blade) to deliberately however rapidly remove the skin tag as near the solid skin as could be expected under the circumstances. Have a paper towel or wet cloth prepared to apply to the skin immediately, as this will eventually bleed a lot or in some cases, bleed a little. Keep the region clean while it is healing. This ought to instantly deal with the skin tag issue.


Cut one glove of garlic and press it over the skin where the annoying skin tag. Secure the cut of garlic to the skin with a dressing or tape. Make sure to change the garlic set up when you get up each morning, and expel it (then wash off the zone with water) before going to bed to rest. Rehash this procedure for three days or even more. The skin tag ought to just tumble off. On the off chance that a part of the tag remains, attempt the garlic again in a couple days to fully remove the appearance of the tag.

These are the ways on how to safely remove skin tags at home. These are easy and definitely affordable ways on how you can remove these annoying skin tags effectively. Of course, just make sure that you do it with extra precaution as this can infect your skin if you don’t know how to properly take good care of it.


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