How to Remove Hair from Armpits

How to Remove Hair from Armpits

How to Remove Hair from Armpits?

One of the most sensitive parts of the body are the armpits, which is why it is always best to choose a hair removal method that will make you feel comfortable. There are a lot of ways on how to remove hair on the armpits, from doing it at the comfort of your own home to going to clinics to have your armpits waxed. But not everyone is familiar with the different methods of removing hair from the armpits.

After reading the information below, you will surely know how to remove hair from armpits in no time. You also don’t have to worry at all because these are safe and are proven effective by many.

Shaving Your Armpits

One of the most common ways to remove hair on armpits is by shaving them. For you to be able to do this properly, you can get into the shower and make sure that you are using warm water. This will make the skin supple and soft after shaving. For people who have sensitive skin, it would be best to do the shaving at night. The reason behind this is because your skin will be needing rest right after shaving it. Some people develop reddish skins after shaving and giving it time to rest will help you to make you comfortable in the morning.

Applying Depilatory Cream

Depilatory cream is perfect for people who have sensitive skin. Wash your armpit in the shower and apply the cream, which you will have to leave for a certain number of minutes. The number of minutes will depend on the manufacturer of your depilatory cream. Once done, rinse it with water and the hair on your armpit will surely be gone in no time. Of course avoid applying your usual deodorant right after the process. You can wait a few hours before applying one, since it can cause for your skin to get irritated.

Waxing Procedure

Waxing can be done in a waxing salon or at the comfort of your own home. But if you prefer doing it on your own, then you may do so for as long as you know what to do. The hair on your armpit should be half an inch or one fourth of an inch before you actually wax them. Now for people who have longer armpit hair, you may trim them first before proceeding with waxing. When waxing, it is always best to exfoliate your armpits first before anything else to ensure that all dead skin cells are removed. Once done, you can start waxing your armpit by following the instructions that came with the waxing cream.

The Epilator

Epilator is ideal if the hair in your armpit is not that long, since longer one can because very hard to manage. You can shave your armpit first or trim it before using the epilator. Now if you prefer this method then the first thing that you need to do is to apply powder on your armpit. Once done, then you can start using the epilator to remove the hair and make sure to start with the lowest setting first. After the epilator process, apply a soothing cream on your armpit and wait for a few hours before applying your usual deodorant.

Electrolysis Procedure

Now if you want something permanent then the electrolysis is the one for you. Search for a reputable salon that will do the procedure. You can use the internet for reading reviews to ensure that you are choosing the right one. For people who don’t know, electrolysis is the destroying of follicle with the use of heat or chemical to ensure that the hair will be removed permanently. Now, once you have chosen one then it is time to have it scheduled and be ready to say goodbye to your armpit’s hair forever.

These are the ways on how to remove hair from armpits effectively. Try any of these procedures for your satisfaction.


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