How to Get Rid of My Chubby Face

How to Get Rid of My Chubby Face

How to Get Rid of My Chubby Face?

There are many people who have the tendency of carrying a lot of fat on their faces. This normally gives people an impression that you are heavier than you actually are. You might think that you can spot burn the fat from your face; however, it is not the case.

You will need to make some real adjustments to your diet as well as exercising routine in order to achieve a leaner facial look you desire.

Steps to Achieving a Leaner Facial Look

  • Calorie Intake – Reduce amount of calorie intake each day. This has the beneficial effect of helping you to burn fat anywhere on your body your face inclusive. You can start by trimming off about 500 calories every day from your intake. This will help reduce 1lb in a weak.
  • Drinking Water – drink about 10 glasses of water every day. When the body is not getting adequate water, it will experience water retention. Therefore, you should avoid drinks that have a dehydrating effect on the body for instance alcohol.
  • Salty Foods – limit the amount of salty foods you take. High sodium diet causes puffiness in your face. You can cut down on the amount of salt consumed by avoiding salty foods. Some of these foods include chips, soy sauce, lunch meat, frozen food dinner, canned vegetables and table salt.
  • Exercising – do exercise on daily routine. This will promote your cardio as well as strength training, which are essential to burning of body fat. You can start by spending about 30 minutes in cardio activities like brisk walking, tennis, swimming and running. It is important that you use the resistance exercise machines. Examples of these machines include pull-up bars, chest presses. You can exercise for at least 3 times in a week to strengthen your training.
  • Facial Expressions – perform facial expressions aimed at toning your facial muscles. Facial yoga for instance will help tighten your face. You can do moves like smiling fish face whereby your pucker the lips while smiling.

The key to achieving success rests in discipline and dieting as well. Some of the foods to eat include fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. Try as much as possible to avoid eating starches and sweets because they are rich in calories.

Moreover, avoid frying of foods and oils. Alcohols and sodas should be avoided because they add calories to the diet. By watching what you eat, you are able to achieve weight loss in your body and face as well.

Intake of a lot of water will help in curbing hunger pains as well as lessening food intake. Water is also important as it helps you in achieving good digestion.

There are many make up ideas that will also help in camouflaging your fat face by drawing your cheekbones. You can consult a makeup attendant to give you the help you need.

Consequently, you can change your haircut and substitute it with one that makes you face look thinner. It is important to read fashion magazines as you will find many stripes that you can utilize.

Some people prefer going for a medical procedure in getting rid of their chubby fat. In case you decide on this, ensure that you get the services of qualified surgeon where you will get an insight on the procedure that will be carried out. It is important that you look at both the pros and cons before you make a final decision to undergo a medical procedure. The cost of this procedure is expensive and also may involve some physical pain. You will need some time to heal completely.


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