How Do People Get Stretch Marks

How Do People Get Stretch Marks

How Do People Get Stretch Marks?

A lot of people are asking as to how do people get stretch marks. Some people think that stretch marks only occur during pregnancy, but the truth is it can happen to anyone whether you are a woman or a man. There are actually a lot of reasons as to how do people get stretch marks. Fortunately, this kind of skin problem is treatable and can be prevented for you to avoid these marks to appear on your skin. Usually, stretch marks can occur in the center of the skin or most popularly known as the dermis. A skin that is stretched in a rapid way, stretch marks will start to appear soon. Some marks are visible, while there some that are almost invisible to other people. But no matter what, it is always important to know about how do people get stretch marks for you to be able to prevent them from appearing to your skin.

Gym Weights

People who are usually going to the gym to carry weights end up having stretch marks on their arms. The reason behind this is because by carrying weights, they are increasing the mass of their muscles in a rapid way. This will then cause the body of the skin to quickly stretch, which will in turn create marks. This is a common problem of people who often go to the gym to enhance their muscles. It is advisable to avoid stretching your muscles too much, as this will only create marks that you don’t want to see on your skin. Gradually add up the weights that you’re carrying and avoid carrying weights that you don’t really often use to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

Being Pregnant

Pregnancy can also cause stretch marks to appear because their tummies instantly grow at a fast pace. This can cause stretch marks to appear during the last few months or pregnancy. According to dermatologists, it is advisable for women to apply lotion or petroleum jelly on their tummies to avoid the appearance of stretch marks. Of course, you can get rid of your stretch marks with the help of your dermatologists once you give birth.

Certain Medications

Some people may be wondering on how do people get stretch marks from oral medications. Typically medications that cause stretch marks are the ones that have corticosteroids in them. The reason behind this is because; the mass of the body is being increased in a fast manner which can cause the skins to be stretched. Certain ointments with the said ingredient that are applied to the skin can also cause stretch marks.

Being Obese

People who are obese often have stretch marks in different parts of their bodies. The reason behind this is because; they are gaining excessive weight in just a short time. This causes their skins to stretch rapidly, therefore creating stretch marks. It is advisable for them to lose those excess weights if they don’t want to increase the appearance of stretch marks in their bodies. These marks can typically be seen in the tummy, arms, and legs and even in the neck.

These are some of the answers as to how do people get stretch marks. If you have this kind of problem, you may opt for over the counter creams or consult your dermatologist for the best solution. Avoid using any medications or creams without consulting your dermatologists or doctor to avoid problems in the future. It is always advisable to consult them before you try and do anything to your skin to get rid of those stretch marks. Once the stretch marks are gone, make sure to prevent them to avoid seeing those marks again.


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