GHD Platinum Straightener Review

GHD Platinum Straightener Review

GHD Platinum Straightener – The Detailed Review

Nothing gets even more excited than using a new product launch, so when the introduction of the GHD Platinum Straightener dropped into my line, I was more even excited before.

Luckily, one of the great experiences to see what the GHD Platinum Straightener was all about. I headed down to have my detailed product review, which might also a great solution on my straight, boring, hair.

All About GHD Platinum Straightener

GHD Platinum Straightener has glossier plates, which makes the stylers accurately glide through their hair. With the unique GHD stylers, a stylish hair always comes out whatsoever with its line. It also composed with a wishbone hinge and considered as a very captivating feature of the GHD Platinum Straightener.

It allows the users to have an enough control on the plates as you don’t need to style your hair with a bit of pressure. If you’re using the original GHD, you may have to acquire the Platinum at first glance as you don’t have to effort so hard to make your hair a stylish one. The wishbone hinge also confirms that your hair won’t trap in the hinges.

Certainly, if your hair caught in the hinges of straighteners, you may even realise how often it happened until now. In fact, GHD has its own way to have addressed such issue! It is lighter and stress-free to hold. Its delicate design makes flattening your hair a bit more pleasure, as it’s very cool, and not a huge one.

GHD Platinum Straightener Review

GHD Platinum Straightener – How Effective it is?

Everything about GHD Platinum Straightener is always top of the line! Most of the hair stylist using this product always gives a very impressive statement by having a nice packaging that the styled have in. Most of the users were blown away by the fact that it only took 3 seconds for most stylist to heat up into 365 degrees.

In fact, the straightener seemed to produce a hair, seems to be shinier and healthier at the same time. This product is very effective to curl your hair, which is how some of the users experience in their hair 80% most of the time. In fact, the curls also lasted all day and night without any touch-ups required.

Generally, GHD Platinum Straightener must have huge thumbs up! If you’re an avid fan of any straightening products, not even trying any straightening product before, or let say even once in a week for you, definitely have such a quality product like the GHD Platinum Straightener, and this product will be one of the best staple in your hair daily routine from now on.

GHD Platinum Straightener – It’s Exceptional Function

The GHD Platinum Straightener is considered as one of latest product to join in the GHD collection. It gives a brilliant style to make your hair a soft one and to flat down the frizzy hair when aiming a hair straight. This styler has a different concept and has a latest design for the GHD family. Just like with the Eclipse variety of stylers, it still utilizes the tri-zone technology to make your hair stylish one without damaging it.

Most of the stylist noticed how light this styler was when being applied on your hair – it was almost like it didn’t even dash it, and just functioned its way over the hair effortlessly and producing some bouncy curls. The GHD Platinum Straightener usually heats up to 185 degrees only, which is the average temperature to apply into the hair without causing any damage. Aside from that, it works with the hair to intensify its shine and to stop the hair colour from fading.

Another different feature of this platinum styler is the exceptional wishbone hinge that makes the plates flawlessly aligned. If you remember the position of the plates contrast with the older stylers, you may recall how they marginally move out of their alignment. However, the wishbone hinge ensure that hair is operated through the styler without sliding and providing a much better control over the hair style you are attempting to achieve.

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GHD Platinum Straightener – Pros and Cons


  • The glossy plates of GHD Platinum Straightener leave your hair smooth all day.
  • It’s much daintier to use, making it vivid for both flattening as well as, curling your hair.
  • It is very lighter as well as, convenient to hold.


  • GHD Platinum Straightener is not obtainable with extensive plates, which is quite embarrassment because it is very popular particularly with those with frizzy hair.

GHD Platinum Straightener – Final Verdict

For electrical hair products available nowadays, GHD Platinum Straightener will definitely a perfect choice, due to its performance and quality. It’s also enjoyable to hear that GHD Platinum Straightener produces classic hair styles and limiting various famous stylers well-known stylist nowadays.

I must admit that GHD Platinum Straightener is so stunning! From my updated shopping list, this straightener works even better, and you may have such function hair styler in order to achieve a firm, straight, and of course, glossy hair you’ve dreaming of, which has an affordable price. You must try it now.

GHD Platinum Straightener Review


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